Trading Simulator

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Jogos Finanças Pedagógico Simulações
Developer: Dekel Tapuah

All the top brokers on Wall Street looking to trade currencies on the foreign exchange market are using this mobile app to learn how. So whether you are a novice or veteran trader, you can enjoy a step-by-step guide and learn how to make truckloads of money trading binary options. This money generating education is designed to help you trade more wisely while earning high yielding returns enabling you to make boatloads of money like all of Wall Street’s sharks do.
By downloading the Binary University app, not only will you will be able to successfully implement proven binary option trading strategies with our step-by-step guide, you can put your knowledge to the test simulating real-time trading with a demo account from the convenience and comfort of your android or IOS device.

● Learn the most successful Binary Options trading strategies teaching you how to make money quickly
● 100% free
● Covers over 15 topics with complete financial analysis and academic review of both binary options trading and binary options trading strategies
● Test your skills with a binary option trading simulator including real-time currency values
● 9 different currency money pairs to trade with
● A step-by-step guide with a user friendly interface
● Ideal for both first-time traders and veteran traders as well
● Learn the secrets to successful trading with high yielding returns

This Binary University is the easiest way to learn how to make money and provides you with all the relevant material for successfully trading binary options while providing you with an opportunity to test your knowledge in a fun, easy to use trading simulator.